Why Men Need to Learn How to Love

My Wife’s differences used to bother me. I’m now learning to admire and celebrate them.
I see them as a Gift from God.

Prior to my new thinking I wanted her to be like me, I wanted her to see God the way I see Him.
I wanted her to see Life like I see Life.
I want You to think like I think.
I want you to respond to life the way I respond.
I want you to process information that you receive like I do.
I want you to talk like me,
I want you to respond and react the way I do,
and in my Crazy man mind, I thought, THAT will bring heaven on earth, if man can just be alone at the top.
And I’m telling you, it’s exact opposite of what God had in mind, He said, THAT’S NOT GOOD, wanting others to be like you is Not good! (Genesis 2:18)

Look at this:

In GENESIS 2:18, Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Notice, before this verse Genesis 1:4) God said it was Good, then in chapter 2:18, it says, THEN God looked at Adam alone and he said, that’s Not good. Alone is not good, everyone the same, is not good.

But with men, we want everyone to be the same, we want everyone to be like us: and, if you’re a Christian that is just hidden Religious Pride.

God said it’s not good for a man to be alone; to not be with someone who is Different from him,

So, God says I’m going to make him a Helper, not a servant, not a doormat not a slave, but a HELPER, in the Hebrew the word. The Hebrew word for Helper is Ezer, and it’s used 21 times in the Bible, and in many places it means: GOD HELPS US. That is why women and men are different, because if we’re all the same, we’ll Never understand Love.

MY NOTE: God created us to Love because God is Love, so she was created by God to help him/Adam/Husband Love.

It actually hurts men and women to not Love. It keeps them in a place of selfishness—When they were actually created to Love. All of God’s creation, both male and female were created to Love.

We’ll never learn to Love “alone.” Excuse my analogy, but men are too stupid to discover Love on their own. You say, How do you know that? How about 6,000 years of human history. In 6,000 years of human history, Men as a gender have been in charge, they have wielded all the power of all the corners of the earth, for 6,000 years! And we still haven’t learned anything about Love, and do you know why? They can’t get it, we can’t get it without someone Different to Help us.
Human history proves this: The only thing we have learned is War, that’s the only thing man can do by himself, that’s why God says it’s not good for man to be alone, but we’ve still decided to put all those different from us, aside, (including women) so that we can be in total complete control. And all we’ve done is ruin the world, 6,000 years of human history full of disaster and evil, Why? Because we’ve never learned to Love without accepting, embracing and celebrating differences. It’s the Reason why God gave him woman.

Man needs people in his life who are Different. Why? So he can Learn to LOVE, And I am submitting to you, men, if you reject this difference, it’s Rebellion to the Design of God.

Man needs people in his life who are Different. Why? So he can Learn to LOVE, And I am submitting to you, men, if you reject this difference, it’s Rebellion to the Design of God.

If you spend your life trying to change people—what a Hopeless thing that is, whom God has created different than you.
I have learned to celebrate Difference, and not try and change anyone, but to celebrate it, celebrate that they are different and Rejoice!

I learned to accept and embrace and celebrate Difference—It leads to Love, I’ll say it again, when we accept and embrace and Celebrate Difference, it leads to LOVE,
It leads to the Kingdom of God,
It leads to Heaven on Earth.
Differences: By Husband Pastor Rick Tidwell.

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