The Styles of The Knight Before Christmas

I absolutely adored, The Knight Before Christmas – starring Vanessa Hudgens (Brooke Winters) and Josh Whitehouse (Sir Cole). Vanessa was also the Producer of the film.

Throughout the film she’d enter a scene with wardrobe choices that brought me back to my youth, with her stylish taste!  I loved her entire wardrobe! However, although beautiful – the price range is just a tad out of my budget (I could feed a Village or my homeless friends at North Street for a month!) nonetheless, I loved her style! And if I were twenty years younger I would totally rock her wardrobe!

In one of the kitchen scenes she wore a Gold Ruffled Sweater by Ulla Johnson. The cost? A hefty price tag of $525.00!!! What’s the old saying? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! 

The film is a cute fairytale – much like the famous Christmas Countdown of Hallmark movies, but with much better acting! In my humble opinion the film really begins approximately 7 minutes in (something I learned from one of my Screenwriting Masterclasses, of which one instructor a famous Screenwriter said, nearly every film begins approximately 10 minutes after the movie starts. 

I will have to add The Knight Before Christmas to my Favorite Holiday movies!
Christmas Village photo by: Lisa Fotios –

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