Mix It Up!

I remember standing at a salad bar years ago and a friend noticed that I was choosing 2 dressings.  I remember telling her that it was something that I’ve always liked to do and that it tastes delicious!  But most recently I have been mixing-it-up with cereal! Just today I made a bowl of raisin bran and mixed in a bit of Cheerios.  My husband on the other hand has been doing this for years, but for different reasons: He likes to make sure that cereal is not wasted since my children and I have a habit of opening a new box when the “other” box has just barely enough to fill a bowl.

Not long ago as I was doing  some research (that had nothing to do with cereal) I came across a number of cafe’s that serve up many different kinds of cereals and toppings.  One business in Germany showcases a variety of cereal dispensers on their wall very similar to what you see in a bulk candy store, you know the store I’m talking about, they’re in nearly every mall in America tempting window shoppers with their colorful array of every kind of candy, (including jelly beans) that you can imagine.

One franchise called “The Cereal Bowl” featured in “Time” magazine serves up selections such as “Give Me S’more” which includes a mix of Golden Grahams, Coco Puffs, marshmallow, Graham bites and chocolate chips.  While on the healthier side they offer the “Let It Fly” choice which includes Life, Wheaties, dried mix berries and granola. Most of these cereal cafe’s offer a large variety of toppings such as yogurt chips, brown sugar, sprinkles, chocolate chips, brownies, cheese cake bits along with almost every kind of nut that you can think of.

Personally, I would like to stick with the healthier choices, but for kid’s this could be just as fun as the candy store or choosing their favorite ice cream cone.

If I ever decide to open up a business, I would seriously consider mixing up my own cereal creations along with other fun and healthy foods!