Tiny Voices

Years ago when my children were young, Rich was in middle school and Robert was just 2 years old, God gave me a Vision, one of which I share in its entirety in my book: LOVE AWAKENS:

During prayer one day, God’s presence began to fill the room. This has happened a number of times throughout my walk with the Lord, but this time was different. It felt as though I was in heaven, even though I was still in my room. He then took me out of my physical body and allowed me to see myself through our bedroom window, and when this happened he brought me into what felt like a bubble where only His love was present. While in this bubble, He began to show me His Love for humanity, especially those we consider extremely evil and wicked – He then allowed me to experience what His Love for them feels like. It was more powerful than any word could ever describe. When I first came to the Lord, He allowed me to feel His Love for me in spite of all I had done wrong, all of the sins I had committed, but this day, the magnitude of His Love was far greater, and I didn’t want to leave it; I wanted to stay there forever.

Normally, when it comes to sensitive issues I generally keep my opinions and beliefs to myself, but given the circumstances, over the last few days, I have felt very strongly to share not only my heart, but how I believe True Followers of Jesus are required to act – how we are called to “be ye imitators of God.” And who is God? Love. 

When I came to the Lord I was a very messed up girl. My Father left when I was 10 years old. My mother took her own life, (more of my story in my book: Love Awakens) as a result, I turned to drugs and alcohol and continued on a path of destruction, until Jesus found me. I had done so many things wrong at such a young age and in such a short time, that I thought, how could God forgive me? But He did.

I believe one of the reasons why, years later,  the Lord brought me into His presence to feel His Love, was to not only help me, but help others. Help the sinners (of which I am chief) and help those who feel they have the right to judge others of their sins.

What we as believers fail to understand is, we are just like those who picked up their stones, indignant, and ready to stone the woman to death for her sins. We fail to remember what Jesus said, “They that have NO sin…cast the first stone.” The story continues stating that each one of the them, beginning with the oldest, dropped their stones and walked away. My favorite part was when Jesus said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Is there anyone here to condemn you? The woman replied, “no, not one.” Jesus replied and said, “Neither do I…” John 8:1-11.

One of the many lessons I learned that day when the Lord allowed me feel His immense Love for humanity, was that He has not fallen off the thrown because of the sin of mankind. In fact, it was because of His Love for the world and what they represent, that He chose to send His Son Jesus. We must remember that He paid the penalty for ALL sin. Think about it. The sin that makes you angry and indignant toward others, He died for them too.

Remember, “ALL have sinned (you and me) and fallen short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

We are all in need of God’s mercy. We are all called to be merciful. We are not called to judge, for the scriptures teach that when we judge, we are ‘guilty’ of the same sin that we judge:

“You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things.” Romans 2:1 NLT.

“They that Love are born of God and know God, those who do not love, do not know God, for God is Love.”  1 John 4:7,8

Since we’re called to Love and not judge, what can we do to help women (young and old) to carry their child to full term and give birth? Provide help for them. Women’s resources is a great way to start. Counseling and helping with other options. But we must keep in mind, many will not listen to our council for various reasons. As Representatives of Jesus, we are to Love them no matter what. If the church is found judging them then they will NOT come to us for help. If they know we truly Love and accept them, then we have a greater chance to help them keep their child. This requires a very merciful attitude.

Another way we can help, is provide counseling for those who have terminated a pregnancy. They will not know God’s love for them if we don’t demonstrate that love – and that love must be shown with ZERO condemnation. If we’re mature enough as Christians; If we can Love them as Jesus Loves them, then we have a greater chance to help them make wiser choices in the future.

If you want to love and help these women, look for Christian Women’s Resources in your area.

If you are seeking help and healing, please see the link for Rachel’s Vineyard