Jena Irene – The Next American Idol?

It’s down to three and who will it be? I said it from the beginning that 17 year old Jena Irene has exquisite talent and should be the next American Idol.  Even at such a young age she is multi-talented and has an amazingly unique voice. How can one tell that someone is a true artist? I like what former Idol judge Simon Cowell said that when he listens to each artist he closes his eyes and imagines listening to them on the radio, then decides if  their voice is good enough to continue to listen or would it move him to change the channel.  Jena is that kind of artist that will captivate her listeners and leaving them wanting to hear more!

For the rest of the remaining artists the sound of  their screaming fans will eventually fade, but with  artists like Jena Irene, Kelly Clarkson and of course  Carrie Underwood,  their impeccable voices will continue to be heard and admired for generations to come. There are singers and then there are artists and Jena is a true artist.

Even if the bubble gum pop tween fans do not vote for Jena to win, she will definitely have a singing career and will for certain receive  a record deal.

Congrats to American Idol for their 500th show! Bravo!

My personal favorite! Jena Irene singing Creep by Radiohead

Jena Irene Singing Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love