I Can Breath! – A Young Womans Miracle

Just recently our daughter-in-love shared her personal experience of God answering her prayer.  She had been suffering from Asthma since she was a child, and just before she even thought about praying,  her condition grew worse.  While she and our son were working out at the park, she had an Asthma attack, but it was worse than ever before.  Our son felt a strong urge to pray for her and ask God to heal her.  Brandi was in such torment, she was not even thinking about prayer, she just wanted to be able to breath.  Later that night after thinking about Rich’s prayer for her and what took place that day she prayed, “God, you’re going to give me new lungs..you’re going to do surgery on me tonight” and the next day she woke up not having any Asthma, no need for her inhaler.  For two weeks she did not say anything to anyone and then she told her husband and together they began to do all kinds of activities, even hiking trails in the mountains of  North Carolina while on vacation and NO Asthma attacks.Rich and Brandi wedding Brandi portrait edit DONE

I have been a Christian and a person of faith for over 30 years. Both my husband and I have always believed God’s promises, even when it comes to health and healing both for our own family and for others, and I have to admit that this testimony really blew me away! I’ve heard many true stories of how God has healed those who have stuck their faith out there, clinging to God’s promises, but this one really touched my heart and I give all Glory to God!

If you would like to hear her experience, you can watch and listen here on youtube,  “Brandi’s Asthma Healing”

“…but with God, everything is possible”  Mathew 19:26 nlt