God’s Good Plans

Have you ever seen the affects of raging winds and seas? I have. After a recent hurricane I’ve seen roads wiped out and homes destroyed – especially along the coast.

In our own lives there are storms. Some more powerful than others and if we are not careful, if we do not make sure our lives are built on a “firm” foundation, everything we planned, dreamed and hoped for can be washed away in an instant.

Recently the Spirit of the Lord spoke these words to me:
 “I am always calling people I am always speaking to them urging them but they allow the cares of this world to overtake their thoughts. I’m calling them to the feast and they are constantly making other plans living life their way and they wonder why they are getting chewed up – Many blame Me but it’s not Me because everything I have for them is Good – but they want the Good I have for them on their terms. It doesn’t work that way – it can only come by taking up your cross and following me – hearing my words and doing them. You have not chosen me But I have chosen you and ordained you that you bear much fruit. Your life is not your own you’ve been bought with a price.
Everything I say is true.”

The Good God has planned for His people comes only by DOING what He says – Faith comes by hearing and Faith works by Love – without Love for our neighbor (helping those in need) our Faith is dead and useless.” (James 2)

God loves us, but if we do not DO what he says, if we do not follow His example of Love – then we must understand that we’ve chosen to build our home on sand and not on solid rock.

Jesus says when this happens, when the storms come, our homes (lives) will crash and come tumbling down.
Keeping the words of Jesus are the only firm foundation we have in Life. It’s more than just believing and hoping, it’s doing. 

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