And Then It Hit Me

I was 21 years old when my father and step mother moved from our home town in Michigan  to Oklahoma.  Both my younger sister  and I found ourselves in a position that we did not expect.  Although this was many years ago, I do remember a young couple from our church invited us to stay with them but only temporarily.  Not long after we moved into the condo of a business woman who sublet two of her spare bedrooms for women.  I did not stay very long and ended up moving in with my boyfriend.  There were times I would also live with my older sister who had two young boys and recall my younger sister living in one of the spare rooms as well.

During this hectic time in my life I came to know a very loving and merciful God and found a great church that I loved.  One Sunday while standing in the hallway an older couple came to me and said the Lord told them to invite me to come and live with them. I was  very surprised but at the same time very happy.  Even though I was in my early 20’s I still felt the need of someones love, specifically a parents love.  I of course accepted their invitation and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made.  They treated me as if I was their own daughter.  They taught me responsibility such as how to budget, I even paid rent, but it was a small amount, only 10% of my paycheck each week. I even had a curfew.

I am now a wife and mother of two children 25 and 16.  As a family we have for many years been active in helping others.  We have always had a vision to provide housing for women in need, and just recently we were introduced to the idea of helping young women aging out of foster care after reading about a charity in Austin, Texas that just recently opened a house for aging out foster girls.  Upon reading this we realized that this was a fit for us and the vision we have always had and it wasn’t until just recently that it hit me: I realized that even though I was not a foster child, as a young woman I experienced what many of these girls feel when they age out of the foster care system and are in need of a stable home. While preparing to write this article I began  to remember that my father and step mother adopted their granddaughter since her mother was unable to care for her.  I also began thinking about my two nieces who were also adopted, along with my daughter-in-law whose father and his wife also adopted two girls.

One of the ways to begin the journey to fulfill our vision was to launch  Hope Designer Resale, on Facebook  where we sell clean and gently used designer clothing.  All proceeds are designated to help these young women.

SLEEP WALK 2014 Sleep Out & 5K – To benefit age out foster girls and provide safe and stable housing:Restore Hope Daytona Sleep Walk Poster 

For more info we invite you to visit Restore Hope Daytona